Progressive Community

Sustainable community capacity development ecosystem that is resilient, competitive, dynamic and progressively inclusive.

There are 4 areas under this ecosystem:

Community Capacity Development

  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Resources and Infrastructure

  • Careful planning faces risk

Social Protection: General Assistance and Programs

  • Socioeconomics, empowerment, entreprenuership and work

  • Monthly Welfare, Pensions and Allowances

Social Security

  • Social Security

  • Responsive assistance, shelter, rehabilitation and others Well-being​

  • Promotion and empowerment of equality, women, children, the elderly and the diabled

Community Engagement

  • National Council on Social Issues
  • Strategic partners such as: Government Agencies, Non-Governmental Ogranizations and Private Sectors


To create a community-friendly ecosystem that provides equality and access to individuals​Menjana Inspirasi pemedulian, perpaduan dan keinklusifan

  • Generating Inspiration of caring, unity and inclusiveness

  • Leading community capacity development activities

  • Create a network of socioeconomic development activities

Success is determine by realizing the following objectives:

  • Strategic cooperation through nationwide cooperation (Whole of government and whole of nation approach)

  • Innovation and improvement of smart and digitized platforms

  • Family institutions and strong values

  • An efficient and effective security and social protection system

  • A robust, vibrant and mor inclusive society


  • To provide direction towards an exellent society through action plans and social policies
  • To create an excellent society
  • To build a loving, caring and harmonious society
  • To increase the involvment and contribution of the community to the social and economic development ot the country


Functions and Responsibilities

  • Planning and Coordination of Community Policy and Strategy

  • Drafting / Reassessment (rebiu) of Policies / Acts / Regulations / Community Guidelines addressed by JAPEM

  • Establishing and monitoring the implementation of the role of Social Blueprint / National Council for Social Issues (MKIS) and Special Committees under MKIS

    • Coordination of Community Action Plans and under MKIS

      • Preparation / Research of Working Papers / Concept Papers / Declarations / Messages and so on regarding Community Affairs and Social Issues

      • Dealing with International Community Affairs

Lead by: 

Acting Director of Social Service 

Yang Mulia Dayang Hajah Noridah binti Abdul Hamid

Email: noridah.hamid@kkbs.gov.bn