​(People with Different Ability Temburong Centre)

Tutong​ District


One of the institutions under Community Development Department that is responsible for providing skills training for people with different ability (OKU) trainees

​​​5 categories of people with different ability (OKU) to be given Guidance and Basic Training Program

  1. ​OKU Communication
  2. OKU Vision
  3. OKU Intellect
  4. OKU Physical
  5. OKU Berganda

​Offered Porgram

  1. Basic Guidance and Skills Training
  2. Religious Training
  3. Rehabilitation in Community
  4. Job Placement of the Disable
  5. Braille and Sign Language Training


  1. Sewing / textile, needlework and weaving
  2. Art and Crafts
  3. Biscuits, Dry  Confectionery and Cooking
  4. Agriculture Products

Lead by:

OKU Head Division

Contact Number : 8352315 (HP) / 8124111 (HP) / 5221643 (O)

Email: pb.temburong@japem.gov.bn / pdk.temburong@japem.gov.bn