​(People with Different Ability Eric Goh Centre)

Belait  District


One of the institutions under Community Development Department that is responsible for providing skills training for people with different ability (OKU) trainees

​​​5 categories of people with different ability (OKU) to be given Guidance and Basic Training Program

  1. ​OKU Communication
  2. OKU Vision
  3. OKU Intellect
  4. OKU Physical
  5. OKU Berganda

​Offered Porgram

  1. Basic Guidance and Skills Training
  2. Religious Training
  3. Rehabilitation in Community
  4. Job Placement of the Disable
  5. Braille and Sign Language Training


  1. Sewing / textile, needlework and weaving
  2. Art and Crafts
  3. Biscuits, Dry  Confectionery and Cooking
  4. Agriculture Products

Lead by:

OKU Head Division

Contact Number : 8352315 (HP) / 8124111 (HP) / 3331827 (O)​

Email: pb.bm@japem.gov.bn / pdk.bm@japem.gov.bn