Defend, Protect, Promote Brunei Darussalam interests by supporting the achievement of Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports vision and mission with the principle of friendship and increased bilateral, regional and international cooperation


Ensuring the implementation and coordination of the stance and policies of the core areas of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (culture and arts, youth, sports and community) can be preserved and advanced, taking into account policy formulation, strategic planning or National action plans, if relevant, in ensuring the transparency of information sharing and the country's position in bilateral, regional and international affairs is always maintained.

Main Function

Bearing the responsibility in strengthening cooperation in supporting the wishes and preserving the interests of the country, through the coordination and monitoring of issues related to bilateral, regional and international affairs, particularly the country's commitment in the ASEAN Organization as the National Secretariat for the Pillars of the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) ) and national commitments and obligations in related regional and international organizations and organizations, in addition to coordinating research based on needs. Research, Development and International Affairs Division is also responsible for ensuring the completion of signing memorandums of understanding/agreements with foreign countries.

Lead by: 

Director of Research, Development and Internaional Affairs

​​Yang Mulia Dayang Hajah Fauziah binti Haji Abd Hamid

Email: fauziah.hamid@kkbs.gov.bn