Roles and Responsibilities

Responsible for developing and enhancing the value of Brunei culture as a whole. it is intended the resources of Brunei's culture and also as a media or cultural development agency in addition to guaranteeing the implementation of its basic principle, which is the concept of a Melayu Islam Brunei.​​​


A Dynamic Culture and Preserved Heritage​​

  • Culture and Heritage as the basis of unity
  • A high self identity that is based on Melayu Islam Beraja

  • Develop in line with the development of the nation towards excellence

Art and Culture Program

  • Perjalanan Kebudayaan
  • Music Culture Workshop

  • Culture Exchange Workshop

  • Sopan Santun Workshop

  • Introduction of 7 Puak Attire

  • Menambat Dastar and Menapih Sinjang Workshop


Lead by: 

Acting Director of Culture and Arts

​Yang Mulia Haji Awang Mohd Abdoh bin Haji Awang Damit​

Email: abdoh.damit@kkbs.gov.bn​