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Kajian Kes
Case Study


You have won 1st place in your event. After the event you were approached by a DCO notifying you for Doping Control Test. What will you do?

  • Situation 1: DCO has no valid identification.
  • Situation 2: The sample collection kit is dirty/tampered.
  • Situation 3: You can’t provide enough urine.
  • Situation 4: The DCO wanted to handle your sample kit.

You are not feeling well and went to the clinic to get medication. What must you remember and be aware of?

You were tagged in the Facebook of a supplement stated endorsed by the Ministry of Health.

  • Where can you check the high risk supplements list?
  • When the product is not in the list, can you buy and take it?
  • What precaution measures must you do?